Disco Clothes

Nothing completes a retro disco party than disco clothes and costumes. There are lots of ideas to choose from when it comes to 70’s disco costumes. Looking for the perfect one can be fun and exciting too.

If you are planning to attend a retro costume party, having the right clothes is important. When the theme is retro, clothes of the 60’s and 70’s are always part of it. Before deciding to wear a particular costume in the disco, try it on first. See whether it’s comfortable to move and dance around with. Some examples of clothes that you can wear in a disco party are the Go Go Girls costume, Disco Dance Fever look, Dream Girls, Hippie and Britain and Sergeant Pepper costumes.

The Go Go Girls costume for girls is easy to achieve. You can score this look by wearing a short dress in neon colors paired with white boots. You can also wear a dress with multicolored flowers. An earring with a peace sign can also be added along with false eyelashes and a light colored lipstick. Another disco clothes that girls can use during disco parties is the Dream Girls look. This can be done by wearing tight fitting strapless gown with a skirt flaring as it falls down the legs. By curling the hair or leaving it up you’ll surely complete the look.

To have that disco dance fever look for men, you can wear white bell bottomed pants paired with sparkling or glittered disco shirts. You can also wear jumpsuits with a floral shirt attached to it. Pairing your disco outfit with white shoes will definitely bring the 70s back. To make it more retro you can expose chest hair and wear wigs such as afros, pompadours and other big hairstyles. You can also add shiny jewelries and bangles.

Covering the body with glitters will also add to your disco costume. This will make you sparkle and shine in the dance floor. You can also wear lots of bright make up and blue colors. For women having big false lashes is also preferable, and lots of heavy lip gloss.

Hippie style clothes are also wonderful costumes that you can use during a disco party. Tops can be made of tie-dyed shirt with bright colors such as yellow and orange. The pants should be flared or boot cut but never skinny. The hair is parted in the middle and with a bandanna. Footwear can be moccasins or white tennis shoes. You can also wear a peace sign necklace and round shaped eyeglasses.

Other disco clothes that you can use for women are hot pants, halter necked tops, cat suits and clothes with exotic prints. Wearing legwarmers, headband, sunglasses and neon earrings are also good addition to your disco look. For men, other types of popular disco clothing are shirts with collars turned up, satin jackets, wide ties, corduroy and stretchy colorful pants.

To make the disco fever complete the place should also have retro disco decorations. Having a disco ball is perfect for the party. You can purchase one or rent it in an affordable price. The music should also be disco music. It should awaken everyone and leave them dancing all night in the dance floor.

Finding the right disco clothes can be easy. You can do some research on the internet for some pictures and hunt them yourself in thrift shops and costume stores. There are also lots of stores online that provide variety of styles, sizes and designs. You can always compare prices and get the best item for an affordable price.