Disco Clothes - The Hippie Look

Are you looking for a disco costume you can use for a disco party? You need not shop around or go far finding one. With the many retro disco clothes styles, you can surely find some pairs on your closet which can be mixed and matched to create the disco look you need for a disco party.

The Hippie look is perhaps the most popular disco outfit and the one which can be easily found. The styles of clothes as well as the accessories needed are readily available at some local thrift stores.

For women, you can sport the hippie look by ironing your long hair. If you have short hair, they a wig will resolve the problem. You can combine any colors for your clothes. They should be combinations or multicolored. Girls can wear revealing clothes while men can open their top buttons of their shirts to expose their chest.

You can wear your usual makeup since they look a bit similar to the hippie makeup or just leave it natural. The true hippies during the early 70s did not wear too much makeup. However, you can still use some groovy makeup styles if you really want to achieve the hippie look.